photo Aleksey Povolotskiy
Certificate of secondary (complete) general education, issued in 2004 (1994–2004) t. Severodonetsk (Ukraine).
Graduated from the State educational institution of higher professional education "Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod" in 2009 (2004–2009 full time course of study).
Awarded the information scientist in speciality "application informatics".

Frontend — developer

Magento — inc., 2011–today.

Joomla CMS — developer

Proweb — web development group, 2010–2011.

HTML — coder — national postal service (Nizhegorodskiy branch)

Web — master

REFRESH lab, 2008–2009.

HTML — coder

Business Development Group, 2008–2008.

Web — master

Ltd. "Lepta", 2007–2008.
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